Which MacBook is best for video editing : how to choose the best laptop to work with
13 Aug 2018

Which MacBook is best for video editing : how to choose the best laptop to work with

POSTED BY John Hrdivx

Apple MacBooks are very known among the film making society for their video editing performances, therefore we find many youtubers and film makers willing to easily invest in a MacBook of high performance since it has been the only choice for video editors ever since Apple started producing them.

But since there is a wide variety of MacBooks out there, the choice can be very hard to make since the differences sometimes are very minimal between one MacBook and another.

What to look for when choosing a MacBook for editing videos

Although all MacBooks are suited for video editing, some are even more so than other.

So in order for a computer to be able to edit videos properly for movies or commercials, it needs to fill a list of criteria :

  • A powerful processor.
  • Graphics power which is needed in this case for rendering.
  • And of course, storage space, since editing high definition videos requires a lot of hard drive space.

editing video

Which MacBooks are best for editing videos

If you’re willing to invest some money into a video editing MacBook, well you should do it well then and we have the best choice you can make : 27in Mac with 5k Display Retina.

Its features list is very impressive, it also allows a set of features and options to be added if you feel the need to add them afterwards.

it may not be the most expensive MacBook that Apple have to offer but it isn’t cheap either, so like we said it’s an investment to make.

This model is known for having the best speed for it has a powerful processor and cost.

Of course there are other options, but they do not include all the criteria we need for everyone of the remaining MacBooks given the fact that everyone of them excels at only one of the specifics we’re looking for. For example, if your need the best MacBook for processing speed, we recommend you get an iMac Pro.

If you are looking for the best MacBook in portability, well then you should look into buying a MacBook Pro, etc.

When looking for a MacBook that is performant when it comes to editing videos, your better first make a list of qualities you are looking for in a MacBook or any laptop for that matter and then prioritize them in order to make the right choice when making your purchase.

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