What photo editing program is best : learn how to choose the right photo editing software
16 Aug 2018

What photo editing program is best : learn how to choose the right photo editing software

POSTED BY John Hrdivx

Capturing the moment and its essence and keeping it in a frame somewhere forever, a replica of that exact moment put somewhere for it to be remembered, yes that is in some poetic way, the definition of Photography, an art of its own and a passion for those who call it so, it may be a hobby for some and a full-time, paying job for others.

Why edit a photography ?

editing softwareAs many of you may know, camera technology has been in constant evolution for decades now, it reached such high levels that nowadays and by just using your smartphone’s camera and a tiny bit of editing, you get the perfect shot. But you see, taking the picture is a very important part of having the perfect shot, but so is editing which we tend to sometimes neglect, because you always have to put focus on something in a picture in order for it to have a meaning and a subject, a matter of its own ; and believe me, there are so many photo editing programs that promise the best features and the best results and claim to be the best in the field, but how can you choose from all these various programs ? Well, today we’re going to try and help you with that.

How to choose the best photo editing program

First, after taking various shots at an event or a special occasions or during a jog where there was a cute dog or a mesmerising sunrise you need to organize them, select your favourite shots and eventually proceed into editing them. if you are a photography amateur and you’re afraid of spending too much money on a software and finally not knowing how to use it properly, then let us introduce you to three free photo editing programs that guarantee a great outcome :adobe photoshop

  • Adobe Photoshop : a very well-known editing program, used not just for editing pictures and images but also for designing phone apps and websites; it includes many features that are all accessible during the 30 days free trial such as : various pen tools, custom colors, image enhancers, incorporating texts .. etc. all with a very interesting feature : online tutorials, which can really help in perfecting your use of the software.
  • PixIr Editor : the favourite of many of its users, known for its huge arrangement of editing tools in its user panel including detailed editing tools, saturation tools, instant filters and effects that are easy enough to use that you’ll be creating masterpieces in no time. This program is essentially free, apart for it’s Pro version that enquires a monthly membership.
  • Affinity : if you’re a professional in photo editing, Affinity is the perfect program for you for it offers a lot of complex and detailed editing tools, playing with colors, effects, texts, etc. This software offers a 10 days free trial and then a one-time fee.

Choosing the best photo editing software for working on your pictures and images may be very hard, especially for a beginner who doesn’t know what they’re looking for exactly but what really matters is the final product, the masterpiece created by you in the end.

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