What computer program do writers use : a writer’s guide into the software world
17 Feb 2017

What computer program do writers use : a writer’s guide into the software world

POSTED BY John Hrdivx

We have all at least once in our lives read a book whether it’s fiction or nonfiction : a novel, a biography, etc. Fiction-wise, we were all amazed by the marvelous worlds that some of the best-selling authors have created from scratch, from their own imagination such as the Harry Potter world created by the one and only J.K Rowling.

Therefore, we can all say that once or twice in our lives, we have been on the receiving end of a book, we have been a reader, but has anyone of you wondered what it would be like to read a book or what would writing a book require tools and software-wise ?

What should a software provide to a writer

When inspiration hits a writer, they often get lost in their writing mania, a place where they feel like they need to get all the ideas out and document them before they fade away. and to make that easier for a writer, a software or a writing program ought to have the following criteria :

  • Easy to use : it may be a simple criteria for such a software but believe me, an easy program to use can be very appealing to an author for it can be very helpful to them in organizing chapters and notes for either current or future use.
  • Enhanced editing : editing is the nightmare of so many writers it is also such and important part of the writing process so it is very vital to have and excellent editing tool.
  • Additional features : some writers can get easily fooled by the various amount of features and options they have in a software into thinking that just by having all those additional features it is more effective and better than another programs having less features which is a common mistake.


What do writers often choose as a software for writing

When it comes to choosing the right program or software to write and edit, it can seem really hard since writers are often out of their element when it comes to computers, but here we have made you a list of the top three softwares that fill all of the criteria that we previously covered :

  • SmartEdit : a small simple tool, that doesn’t offer much of a change for those only looking only for small changes only. It helps detect phrases and words that have been repeated too much, picks up on inconsistent phrases, keeps count of adverbs, etc.
  • Scrivener : one of the very much used programs when it comes to creative writing, it excels in assembling in one place all the material a writer could need and instead of using too many platforms or apps for writing, Scrivener allows you to focus all your attention on working in only one platform.
  • WriteItNow : this one is rising in popularity since, it not only allows you to edit and pick up on repeated sentences, it also gives you the luxury of creating profiles for your different characters in order to stay consistent all throughout your book and keep track of all the characteristics and features of the said characters.

Writing is a passion and an art and with the right editing tool, writers can share their talent and their skills with the rest of the world.

I'm John and I'm passionnated by high-tech. I'll share with you some tips to increase your computing skills.

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