MacBook vs Windows laptop : no need to wonder anymore
21 Jun 2018

MacBook vs Windows laptop : no need to wonder anymore

POSTED BY John Hrdivx

Are you tired of your old laptop ? or did you drop it and the screen cracked and you want to buy a new one ? don’t be too perplexed, because we are here to help you !

The market nowadays for computers have been raided with new brands of laptops and computers and whatnot ! But what never changed is the platforms used to operate these various computers, it has always been either Windows for very different brands of laptops of IOS that has always been specific to Apple products which in this case are called MacBooks.

So what will it be ? MacBook or Windows ?

What is the difference ?

In order to make a choice and set your mind on only one or the other, meaning going for a MacBook or a Windows pc, well you first need to learn the difference between the two.

so what is the difference ?

  • External design : it may seem that Apple have always had that part in check since the first MacBook was released had brought such a change with it from the boxes that stood for PCs at the time but ever since, Apple’s evolution for the MacBooks has been always in the same theme, sure performant and reliable but in contrast pcs provide such a colorful and amusing array of choices to pick from !
  • User interface : bringing touch and speak into view, the industry has reached new horizons and the rivalry continues because after Windows 10 brought Cortana as a constant feature, which is a bot that operates on sound enabling therefore users to do so many tasks by only voice, Apple followed right after by bringing in Siri providing same functionalities as Cortana. As for the touch part, Apple have a wider range of options than that found in Pcs.
  • Cost : in this case, MacBooks start at a largely higher range than Pcs, since pcs actually have many brands making and selling them rather than having one brand make them like Apple with MacBooks, so that plays a huge role in defining prices since companies compete between them in search of providing the same services for lower prices and that in the case of laptops using Windows.

compare macbook windows

MacBook or Windows ?

So what is it going to be ? a MacBook or a Windows laptop ? well that is for you and your budget to decide ! all we could do is lay out markers and a guideline for your and the rest is up to you.

Never forget though, to always rely on your instinct, since you are the buyer, and you are also the user eventually.

I'm John and I'm passionnated by high-tech. I'll share with you some tips to increase your computing skills.

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